Video's of our cannoli eating contest.


cannoli contest

Our first “Original Scala Pastry” annual cannoli eating contest at La Festa Italiana was in 2012.

After 33 years at La Festa, our family felt that we wanted to express our thanks to the people of Scranton and those that attend La Festa, by giving back in some way. My sister and I wanted to do something that would be fun and entertaining. And so…. the first annual cannoli eating contest. With the blessing of the committee members, the first contest was on one of the smaller side stages on Linden Street. The enthusiastic response from the Scranton crowd resulted in the birth of this new annual tradition. The laughter, the fun, the competiveness, our own unique family MC, all added a new level of excitement to already amazing entertainment provided by La Festa Italiana. My family is proud to be a part of this tribute to our Italian heritage.

Due to the positive response, the committee has moved the annual contest center stage. There are 7 contestants every year. The top 3 winners from the previous year are guaranteed a spot. The remaining 4 contestants are selected by an open lottery drawing. All contestants, including previous year winners, must register before the cut off time. The top 3 contestants receive a cannoli eating contest t-shirt and a cash prize - 1st place $100.00, 2nd place $50.00, and 3rd place $25.00.

How to sign up:

Entry ballots are available at either of the 2 Original Scala Pastry stands on North Washington Street. Spot #1 is located on the corner of N. Washington Street and Linden Street, near the band stand. Spot # 13 is located on N. Washington Street near the corner of Spruce Street. Anyone 18 years of age or older can sign up for a chance to compete and win the prize money, but more importantly, to be a part of La Festa Italiana’s entertainment history! All entry ballots must be filled out by 1:30pm Monday Sept 4th, 2017. The ballots will be put in a jar and drawn at 2:00pm on Monday at Spot #1 near band stand. Anyone not present at the drawing, INCLUDING LAST YEARS WINNERS, will forfeit their spot. No exceptions. All indemnity waivers will need to be signed immediately following the drawing. All Contestants must be 18 years of age or older. A valid state photo ID required. Contest to take place on Labor Day, Monday, Sept 4, at 3 Pm, Center Stage.

Prize money and prizes:

1st Place $150.00
2nd Place $75.00
3rd Place $50.00

The top 3 contestants will receive a special free 1st, 2nd or 3rd place T-shirt depending on how they place. All other contestants will receive all the cannoli they can eat in 5 mins…and of course, a memory that they will not soon forget! LOL


cannoli eating contest